Types of Bite Issues That Need Braces

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Orthodontics can be used to correct a wide range of bite problems, improve the appearance of the smile, and boost self-confidence. Braces are preferred by patients who want to treat their misaligned or crooked teeth. Severe bite problems can lead to excessive grinding, which can erode the tooth enamel. It can also cause speech problems and other eating disorders. To determine if you have bite problems visit our dentist near you and get your oral cavity examined. Our experts will recommend a suitable treatment to address your concerns. 

Type of Bite Problems

Here are some examples of bite issues that necessitate braces to improve tooth functionality and facial appearance.

1. Overbite

An overbite is defined by the upper jaw extending towards the lower jaw. This is a common orthodontic concern among patients. Damage to the tooth enamel, chewing problems, gum issues, and excessive wear off of the teeth are some problems associated with overbites. Braces are an effective solution to treat an overbite. 

2. Crossbite

Crossbites are classified into two categories: anterior and posterior. Anterior crossbites are characterized by the lower teeth being behind the upper teeth, whereas posterior crossbites see the upper teeth situated behind the lower teeth. They can affect both adult and temporary teeth. Crossbites are the most complicated and serious orthodontic concern. Crossbite misalignment can lead to imbalanced jaw growth, an imbalanced facial appearance, and severe tooth enamel wear. Because the teeth in this case are protruding, the affected tooth may create a hole in the gum tissue. This can put the gums at risk of infection.

3. Open bite

This site is also classified into posterior and anterior. The site is said to be in a posterior position when the back teeth are closer together, the front teeth are left open, and an anterior open bite when the front teeth are closed together and the back teeth are left open. In some cases, open bites result from having uneven or small teeth. Problems caused due to overbites include difficulty in swallowing and slurred speech that can be embarrassing. In some cases, open bites are caused by uneven or small teeth. Overbite can lead to difficulty swallowing and slurred speech, which can be embarrassing.

4. Underbite

This is a common concern among young children. A protruding lower jaw causes the lower teeth to extend and cover the upper region of the teeth, which results in an underbite. These problems can cause extreme tooth enamel damage, jaw stress, trauma, and worn-off teeth. 

5. Misalignment

This is caused by the jaw teeth not being properly arranged in the mouth. Misalignment is not as serious as other bite issues, but it can wear down tooth enamel and affect your jaw and mouth joints.

6. Gapped teeth

Small gaps between teeth are normal, but larger gaps can have an impact on the appearance of your smile. These issues can be addressed with dental implants or braces. Contact our dentist in Country Hills to determine which treatment option to consider if you have gapped teeth. 

7. Overcrowded teeth 

Crowding of the teeth occurs when a person does not have enough space to accommodate the teeth and allow them to grow normally. Because the teeth are too close together, they rotate, overlap, and become trapped at the back of the central region of the teeth. Tooth extraction may be necessary in some cases due to crowded teeth.

8. Deep bite

A deep bite occurs when the front teeth extend and cover the bottom teeth. It is a serious problem that damages gum tissue and tooth enamel. This can cause an infection in your mouth and cause the gum tissue to lose its firmness against the teeth.


Every bite problem has a solution. Before considering any treatment options, it is critical to identify the dental problem. In most cases, braces near you are an excellent way to address your bite issues while also restoring your facial appearance and functionality. If you have any bite concerns, consult with our experts and get your braces in Country Hills. Visit NorthPointe Dental Clinic to learn more about how braces can benefit you and alleviate your dental concerns.

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