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Types of Dental Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are worn over teeth to cover them for protection. They fit over a patient’s smile and help reduce teeth grinding and act as a protective measure. There are various types of mouthguards depending on what the patient is seeking. Some are worn overnight; others are worn to shield teeth from trauma due to impact which often occurs when playing sports.

Generally, a mouth guard will cover the patient’s upper teeth, but in some cases, a dentist may choose to create a cover for the bottom teeth as well. These protective covers are ideal for patients who want to take additional care of their smile and prevent irreversible damage due to grinding or trauma. Our dentist in Country Hills can help you determine which type of mouthguard may work best for you.

Type of Mouth Guards

Effective mouthguards should never be uncomfortable. They should fit your smile comfortably, resist any tears, and be durable and easy to care for. In addition, mouthguards should never negatively affect a patient’s breathing or speech. To ensure you find the best mouthguard for you, speak to your dentist.

The different types of mouthguards include:

1. Stock Mouth Protectors

This type of mouthguard can be purchased at stores and come ready to wear. They are budget-friendly and can be found in sporting goods stores or department stores. They may come in different sizes and are commonly made out of rubber. Our dentist may recommend staying away from this type of device, as it may not fit properly and can cause trouble breathing. They are also bulky and may hinder a patient’s speech during use.

2. Boil and Bite

This type of guard can also be purchased at multiple sports stores. They are made of a thermoplastic material which can be softened with hot water and reshaped to fit the patient’s teeth. After being placed in hot water, the patient can bite into it, which is reshaped around their teeth. Although they are a better fit than stock guards, they may still not be the most ideal option.

3. Custom-fitted

This type of mouthguard is individually designed for a patient and created in a laboratory based on a dentist’s instructions. Mouthguards in Country Hills are created with care after a mold of your smile is taken and used to ensure a snug fit. Using an impression of your teeth, the mouth guards will fit comfortably and won’t interfere with breathing. Custom-made mouthguards will provide the best comfort and protection.

Do You Need a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards may be used by patients of all ages who play sports and seek additional protection for their teeth or who experience teeth grinding. During your visit to a dentist near you, they may recommend mouthguards depending on which sports and activities you participate in. Sometimes, even patients who participate in non-contact sports can benefit from the guards. A nocturnal mouthguard may be recommended for adults and children who grind their teeth and want to prevent tooth damage.

Patients with an ongoing orthodontic treatment can also wear mouthguards to ensure their treatment proceeds smoothly, even if they play sports or grind their teeth. Custom-made guards can be placed over braces or other metal structures used for their treatment. Mouthguards can be highly beneficial for patients with braces, as they will prevent the structure from breaking and possibly damaging tissues in the mouth after impact.

Are You Interested in Getting Mouth Guards Near You?

If you have been unsure about which dental office to visit to get a custom-made mouthguard in Country Hills, look no further! NorthPointe Dental Clinic offers mouthguard services near you to ensure your teeth are protected and taken good care of. Contact our friendly staff today; we will be happy to help you book an appointment.